InfraGreen II in a few figures

MW financed
developers accompanied
€m invested

InfraGreen II is a French Debt Securitization Fund (FCT) made up of two sub-funds with the first having a state recognized “real economy lending” status. The fund invests in Europe bringing Financial solution to mainly French renewable energy developer which are implementing fast growing strategies in a competitive market.


The 2015-1 compartment subscribes to bonds whose underlying assets are renewable energy projects  in Europe.


The 2016-1 compartment is one of the first French green bonds, listed on the EuroNext Indice. This green bond has a 8 years maturity and delivers a steady yearly coupon.


InfraGreen II has invested in France, Italy, Portugal and Croatia.

The 2015-1 compartment of InfraGreen II is TEEC labeled